Best surprise yet......with over 3 years with horns

So I went to a big gun shoot today, it was about 1.5 hours away from home. We are on the way back, and are on highway 64 coming out of Wilson NC. We merge onto 540 near Raleigh. There is a really long bridge we go under not long after getting onto I540. I let the Nathan’s sing under the overpass…gave it a good 4-5 second blast. There was a blue Silverado pickup truck beside me. I was driving a little faster than he was…so when I got next to him, I looked over. He gave me a couple of double-takes, so I laughed and kept going. He was to my left side at the point.

I got ahead of him, and saw he got behind me…then hopped over to the far right lane next to me. Next thing I know he is speeding up a little…and low and behold, HE TRAINHORNED ME!!! I was laughing so hard…it was awesome. I have yet to be trainhorned BACK, until today. Ended a great day. Had to share with the horn community…and who knows, maybe he’s on here…

Didn’t see that coming!

That would have been prime time for a duet if they didn’t clash.

I cant wait to get trainhorned lol in the UK by someone else.:smiley:

Wish he was on here! Lol…that’d be even more epic.