!! Best train horn prank revenge ever !!

This one got me laughing, personally I’d have gone psycho :mad:, got out and smashed her windows :eek: and got her to pay :cool:, but see what you guys think.


ROFL! Don’t train horn Taco Bell Employees… seriously, they don’t mess around. A little Multipurpose Cleaner/ Degreaser and a rag and that will all clean right up. :slight_smile:

ROFL :confused::confused:

Probably just a singled out disgruntled employee struggling on whatever you Americans have for a minimum wage and envious seeing two young guys driving their own pickup and geting to joke at her expense (she probably can’t afford one). Hell, maybe she’s even the manager. I’m pretty sure taco bell doesn’t have a train horn response policy.

Was kidding :stuck_out_tongue: anyway, I have done it to Taco Bell Employees, they get a kick out of it xD