Bicycle Audio system and horns

Newest Modification to my bicycle.

I took my Radio shack PA system and rigged it up in my bicycle trailer, also crammed a Realistic Speaker in the back behind the seat, I had to cut a hole in the seat in order to make the sound produce out lol. Its a work in progress I still need a cord that goes to my handlebars so I can change the song or turn the volume up or down.

That’s cool being able to honk with beat of the music, what will you think up next?

You kill me!

you know what’s missing with your bike rig?

a headlight. :slight_smile:

HID bike light

The man has 2 headlights! Not HID but still…

How about under the trailer neon or strobe lights?..LOL

thats one bright headlight! I’m just gonna stick with my Blazer 12v led lights lol.