Bicycle Train Horns attack the streets #2

SLO Bike Night Edition is here!!!

Be extra careful because you’re not as protected on a bike and you’re easier to catch if you make someone mad.

Thank you dan! 99% of the time people think its a car or truck doing it but I understand what you are saying. Someone would be having a bad day and could chase me, well it did happen actually. I was at a baseball diamond and there was these two guys practicing, I decided to be a jack oven and keep sounding the car horns on my bicycle (This is before I had train horns on it and it was my old bike) I sounded the horn right as the ball was coming close to the batter and he got pissed and said " alright you oven hole Im gonna beat the honk out of you!" He chased me with his base ball bat in his hand. I hauled oven on my bicycle out of there! I was lucky I could ride fast. His buddy was just standing there in shock. Glad I didn’t piss them both off!

Great video you loony tune!!! lol I loved the geezer in the red chequer shirts facial reaction!! lol ohhhh and also the fact that the jesus people were on the street holding up signs - AT NIGHT pmsl!!:smiley: