Big boobies scare at hooters

Ok so I was bored as hell and just had an itch ro ride down to hooters which is only like 2 miles away . so I go around the building and come near where every on is sitting outside , crept up right beside everyone and what do you know there is a perdy waitres just pouring some beer out of a piture and in that process I had to lay the smack down horn on them . EVERY ONE shook in there seat and the poor waitress spilled her picture on the customers . it was great. then some one through some change at my truck . so wtf. o well.

Then this is a seperate story but here it is . After a Jason Aldean Concert In savannah GA, I parked in the parking garage and after the show It was packed in there I layed on the horn , then what do you know every one else in the garage was honkin there little stock horns and revving up there trucks and import cars . it was great. then at a stop light some guy and gal were walking across the cross walk right infront of me . and I scard the girl so bad she was flicking a bird at me and bout walked into some other traffic but her boyfriend stoped her. ok enough typing.

All i read was the big boobies scare at hooters…i laughed…cause in corpus there is a hooters but no big boobies…but big booties…

DAMN that gots to be soooo damnnnnn funny

Grammar aside, good stories.

damn, i get jumps and kinda funny poop, i dont ever get rolling on the floor scares…

its that 150 psi son. when u get that 200 then ull be seeing them

yea, i think i need eather more or better horns as well, a co worker as the shockers and 200 p.s.i. and its louder but not a whole lot louder.

in the words of Ludacris “I smack *******, with no titties that work at hooters.” lol
good story

air line size has alot to do with it too

were both running 1/2 inch… could i get something bigger? i assumed it didnt matter past 1/2 inch because the port for the horns is only so big.

I was trying to type fast . did not work out to good . but yall understood. All I have is grover semi horns . they get the job done.

buy my s4 kit

I cant buy anything right now. or I would have something better.

i know just how you feel… these shockers just arent fufilling my train horn needs…