Big Brother House tonight......

Guys, its the start of BIG BROTHER tonite, its only about 10miles from my house, i.m going to see if I can honk my stuff live on ch4. The place is going to be rammed with police so i.m going to go and suss it out first! There is a big tesco’s car park right next to the studio’s… Right i.m off to scare some contestants! Pmsl… I.ll let you know how i got on later.

haha Good luck Stinkster!

My spirit is with you!

lmfao i hope you do it dude you will be a legend

Good luck Pete!! Don’t get caught!

becareful with the cops!!!

Man with all this free advertisement HB should send you a p.a to scream “!!!” like they did in the HB dvd at that concert lol.

that’d be wicked! :smiley:

so how did it go? usualy he is on 24/7… hope he didnt get arrested lol

lmao hahaha

Thanks guys… I’ll set the scene… I raced home from work and picked up the car and shot up to Elstree studios, I pulled into tescos car park and to my amazement it woz reasonably empty, I went up the side of the store and could see all the lights flashing and the crowds were screaming, I’m probably 300 maybe 400 metres from the film set!

I jumped out and had a quick look around and spotted a police van tucked away in the corner, but to be honest with ya I woz not phased by this and decided that this woz a goer & I woz gonna do this no matter wot… (I had a few of my mates recording this on their sky plus boxes).

My heart woz pounding from the adrenilin… As I walked back to my car ready for my assualt on the BB house, I could here Davina talking to the crowd

But then…I noticed 20ft from my car woz a bench…on that bench woz sat…:eek:an old WOMAN:eek: and to make things worse she had a small dog with her!!!

Guys, I woz totally gutted!!! I’m sorry but I just could not do it:(

However…Its on TV for the next 6 to 8 weeks, so dont think this is the end!!! I’ll get them Horns on Big Brother if it kills me!!!:D:D:D

Oh and yeah a big fek off HB PA would be nice!!!:wink:

Haha better luck next time Pete!

Cheers mate… I will return!!:smiley:

re you kiddding me!! blast the lady and her dog for tv time!!! id understand any other time but for such a epic blast!?

do it tonight! blast the elderly for this epic blast! MWOAP

good luck

yeah, I guess your right… I.ll be honest with ya, when i saw the old bill (police) in the van, i thought bolox, i.m still going to do it… But, when i saw a random old lady sitting so close to me, i just could not do it.

I did however blast about 40 girls as they were leaving the show and all heading into Tesco’s store!

Big brother aint entirely live, it woz 9.45 and the crowds were leaving. I foned my my and if said it woz still on and ended at 10.

you could’ve asked the lady , if she wanted to hear something LOUD :stuck_out_tongue: or tell her to go away coz there’s bomb dropping in a minute :slight_smile: a horn blast bomb

laughing… I’ll do it… watch this space!:wink:


hmmmmmm… you guys!!!

I want this more than anything!! BB is on for next 6-8weeks so no rush!!!:rolleyes:lol