Big Horn in the Philippines

Hey Guys, I just retired from the US Navy and now live in the Philippines. Driving here in P.I. is totally different compared to the U.S. of A. Everybody and including the dogs, pigs, carts, you name it, you will find in the streets. What bugs me the most though are the tricycles who runs 30 miles an hour on the highways and does not want to get out of the way. I have been thinking of ways to get back at them aside from running on the dirt road (shoulder) and make em eat dust and sometimes splash them with water puddles. Now that I discovered the AIR HORN, I can’t wait until my girlfriend gets over pushing the horn button and start taking videos so you guys will see what a tricycle driver looks like hearing a massive horn. I just ordered mine through ebay, a 1 gal tank and a 275 Viair with two horns. I just now discoverd the hornblaster and I am ordering the S4 soon as the money becomes available, I am sure I will have the loudest horn in P.I. by that time…

haha nice!
what car ru installin them on?

Got it on a Toyota Hilux pick up truck. I was able to fit all 3 horns in the front all facing downwards although 2 of them are not installed yet. I am still waiting for the fittings I ordered from the US so I will be able to install the other two. We were out scaring people again last night and it was fun. The only thing is I don’t get to push the button as my girlfriend is always on it. I think I am ready to order the S4 but I am thinking if I should order the kit or just the 4 horn kit and maybe a 3 gallon tank. I already have a 275 Viair compressor.

get the k5la… just go to the big dawgs…lol

I wouldn’t recommend a 275C for anything more than 2.5 gallons. Its always better to underpower your pump rather than stretch things to their limits.

hey mike retired navy in Orange Park fl. was on det to the PI many years ago where are you residing in the manila area or subic? I was with V.P. 17 from barbers pt back in 80-84. is it still the adult disney land as it once was? LOL! sometimes I flash back to the good old days of ice cold san miguel and lbfm’s, have even thought about a visit now that I’m happily single again for life. yeah welcome aboard great crew here and the guys at HORNBLASTERS WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR HORN NEEDS FAST. WELCOME AGAIN! JOHN:D

Can’t wait to see some videos of those tricycles Mike. Destroy them! And thank you for your service.


I am residing in Zambales, about 2 hours North of Subic. The adult disney has been quiet for quite sometime now, ever since the US base moved out. I joined the Navy in 82 and was on the America from 83-85. I think that VP 17 sounds familiar, I was also stationed in Pearl from 85-89. I still see lots of Americans in Subic, those who decided to stay and most of them speaks Filipino fluently. Lbfm’s? yeah they’re still around and you shouldn’t have trouble getting one ha ha… I am on G.I. bill right now so I am in contact with a lot of them (students), I can hook you up with one if you want. Thanks for the welcome, I am having my wife order my horn soon. She’s in Sacramento.

Thanks! I will go ahead and buy the set so I will not be shortchanged once again. The horn I have now is louder than the buses horns here though not as loud as the ones I see in videos.