Big Thanks to Lance!!!

I just wanted people to know I contacted Lance Via Email and he responded within a few hours not days something that is rare these day customer service!He answered all my questions that led me to contact him by phone today.I orderd some replacement parts on a 480 I bought on the forum he again answered all my question even the stupid ones and gave me the hook up on replacement parts!
Lance is the man!!!

that is true…lance is the man!

I hate to admit it because I know him personally but I agree.

Don’t worry dan. Or shall I say (dr. evil voice) number two…mmuuaaahhhh!!

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Me, dr. evil voice? only when I’m being sarcastic…mmuuaaahhhh!

LOL - thanks all.
Was great to give you a bit of help Mental!

Its always good to help those who appreciate the assistance!

Jeebus Dan… postwhore much? lol
I’ve got an itty bitty post count compared to you…

I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an A S S-kicking contest!

That’s because you’re spending all your time being a postwhore on facebook.

yea you all are postwhores…

takes one to know one…LMAO

damn post whores…whoring everything up

Its taken a lot of work, but we just hit 2,000 Facebook fans.

Anyone wanna join the throng?