Bigger holes in k5las

hey guys,

i have two sets of k5a matt posted a thign about him hearing people drilling otu the holes in the bells bigger then the stock 3/16s… i also thought abotu this and heard it works… just wondering if anyone knows?

someone else said they heard of someone doing it but they sounded shizitty. seems like the amount of air volume wise would contribute to the tone overall you know a calibration = tone thing. :smiley:

ya i agree if anything more psi… but im not to sure… they r loud enough for me… i got 2 sets that blow at once… hahaha

u dont need to drill any holes in ur k5la…im sure ur twins are loud enough!

I’m sure its been done, but its really a waste. K5LAs are plenty loud without modification. If you want more air the manifolds should have two extra ports on the front and back faces. This can help with air volume a little. Realistically 5/8" OD line is the biggest you’ll ever need. So using 1/2" line on both side ports is about the equivalent.
Of course this is just ridiculous.
I’ve also heard of people making custom flanges for each bell to insure that they all get as much air as possible.
Anyway with twin K5s at 200 PSI you really don’t have to worry about this stuff.

you should never drill out the holes, because this will change the tune of the horns, running 200 psi to your horns is okay sometime after a while your diaphragms and rings will beging to crack

Don’t do it.