Bike VS. 18 wheeler

Well sitting at a red light a 18 wheeler pulled up to me and as you all know im the guy that has the crotch rocket with the horns. well i flip my visor up and look up at the trucker and do the honk signal. he honks and i do the flat hand cuting off my head motion like no no no thats weak! so i honk mine and the dud jumps and sarts luaghng his donkey off and gives me 2 thumbs up!:smiley:

good one!

haha truckers love horns

Can u post a pic of how u have done ur set up?

i have pictures here

and if you scroll down a bit in the scare stories category there is a thread by me call horns on a sport bike

haha Ive done the same thing. although mine is on an accord. props for putting them on a bike

thats just sickk…soo nice how u have done that