Black Friday ; Best Buy epic training horning + police

So, there is a Best Buy in Vancouver Washington.

I horned them at ~8am, 2pm , 5pm and 11:40pm Thursday night.

Enjoy the video! Over 100 people got horned, including police (luckily pressure was way down by then).

And here is a video of my chat with the policemen. He’s a nice guy.

Wearing ear muffs are illegal? Are all ear muffs illegal or just when it cuts off certain sound frequencies a certain decibel amount?
If I hadn’t horned the hardcore people in the morning, would it still be considered Public Nuisance? I doubt it. But the fact that I did horn them at around 8am while they were still in their tents could very well have convicted me of it.

Lessons learned: Don’t horn people while they are sleeping, because they can report you and my video footage would show that I might of had ‘malicious’ intent in the morning. Also don’t show police that you drive with ear muffs. Other than that, have fun!


You got some big cojones for not backing off near the cop!
Funny and entertaining for us, but DUDE—didn’t you learn from your “Don’t horn a state trooper” thread???

Anyway, he was pretty cool. He wasn’t wrong for sure.
So the lady didn’t complain formally, I take it?

Omg lol you def got some balls haha omg the entire video i saw lights and you kept honking.
But why must you continue to wear the muffs? My k5 right behind my window is loud but not ear muffs worthy.

That cop was cool, just for the fact he didn’t give you a ticket. But other than that, he was a toolbag. Nothing against him for pulling you over, since he really had no choice with the audience that was there…but his reasoning/argument to you made me laugh as much as your horning of the sleeping morons outside of the store.

I’m more confident with my two camcorders. Looking back at that thread, I’m not afraid of an endangerment ticket because i’m always a safe driver and video evidence would show it. I’d never want to endanger anyone.
For this event, the fact (err my opinion) that over half the people were laughing/cheering and positive tones would show that it wasn’t a public nuisance, except for the morning hornage.

I think the lady, and a few others did report it to the cop. I haven’t heard anything else. They wouldn’t have anything except that I horned them in the morning, and that just might be malicious or harassing. So I won’t do that again.

Dude, if you were a squirrel, this would be you!

Bravo man, bravo! I agree on the earmuffs are not needed… I have my shockers right under my truck and my k3 right in front and it is loud but not worthy to ride around with earmuffs on…

You would have been better off telling him your ears were cold, lol

damn dude

You are very lucky. NEVER argue with the Law. I found if you just admit you were trying to be funny or that it was stupid they let you off. In any case you succeded so good luck to you.

you have BALLS OF STEEL!!! DAM! lol

BTW I don’t ever wear ear muffs when I train horn people it throws them off. lol

Well you have to be careful not to incriminate yourself … Like when he was saying that the muffs were illegal and I couldn’t hear someone scream if they were about to be run over, I told him that I would hear it, which I would! And I was trying to excite the crowd, not necessarily be the christmas cheer bandwagon but excite.

Luckily in Washington, to my knowledge it really ISN’T illegal to horn off. No ‘improper use of horn’ law in Washington that I know of. So to the law, really I didn’t do anything bad except for maybe the morning honk. Washington is awesome! America is awesome!

That being said, always be nice to a police officer!

Lol that squirrel doesn’t have a shaft. I’ll tell him my ears were cold next time. It gets nippy in Winter with the windows down.

My shockers are loud! I like to stay on the safe side. Windows up of course muffs are off.

“It was so tempting” LOL

Gawdddd im too scared to honk anywhere near a cop. (Unless there’s some big rig next to me. Easily could say they did it. but w/e). Too gutsy for me!

You need a buddy to hold the cameraaaaaaa

OK, no ear muffs this year. I have the train bell and the train horn. I won’t be honking at them anytime but at around 11pm. Last year I did it throughout the day.

Bestbuy is 12am Thursday night/fri morning like last year

more hrs;

Here’s my Black Friday vid;
and sorry, I just discovered that digital image stabilization makes the video slightly zoomed in! Ack, in future videos you will be able to see slightly more side-to-side and up/down from the front dash cam