Ok so whats good for this black friday??

I thinking target because they have a 40 in LCD tv Westinghouse for 298…

Also best buy have a 50in plasma for 699 for those with the cash…

What else is good anyone??

BTW perfect time to scare people waiting in lines to get into the store…

P.S. Harry Potter tomorrow a midnight for scaring as well…

yeah ill be in the best buy line…need a tv for the bedroom. I will wait to see harry potter until the 2nd half of the movie is released. Hopefully i will have my setup put back together by then.

im gonna be scaring all the losers in their wizard outfits lmao probably have a truck full of wands by the time i get home from them getting thrown at me.

lol thats awesome, I had some customers come in and order t-shirts for the opening night of the movie, they came in wear the coats and maroon and yellow scarves… i could help myself but laugh!

Yep, all the theaters are sold out. Camera goes on the charger when I get home.
And I have to try and rig a tripod in the truck.

Going to call a couple theaters today to see what time they’re letting people in - and more importantly when the lines will peak. Maybe 11:00?

Black Friday I’ll be at work at 6am…

I can’t stand the early morning crowds when the prices at their best so I just wait a few days.

Well, all the Harry Potter lines were inside. I went to 2 theaters and there was even a cop at 1 of them. Oh well.

I know they would all get out at the same time & flood the lot, but I was not going back out at 2:30am. I’m already at work at 6:15 haha.