blasting in daytona!

was working in daytona yesterday so I stoped by my favorite gas station owner to show off the new horns. the owner and his buddy are both old school gearheads and get a kick outta the horns.has sen the upgrading now for three yrs. so I give it a good pull under the stations canopy and boy were my ears and his ringing,a lady up the street 2 doors swung around in shock at the noise!so the owner tells me to go to the havertys furniture store up the street pull up front and give em a blast to show the owner what a real truck horn sounds like.I asked him if he was trying to get me arrested for noise and he laughed! anyways I go up the street roll up in the store parking lot and out comes the owner a female in her late 40’s with a look of hesitation on her face so I gave it a quick blast,she said she could feal the ground shake at the blast.I showed her the kit she knew of hornblasters & she wanted to get a kit for her big chevy truck.she has a punie little set up presently and uses it to signal her horses thats she’s coming in the gate at her property. told her about the forum and invited her to join, so keep your eye out she may show up one day. really nice lady.:smiley: sorry for rambling on.:cool:

thats cool…hopefully she joins…

yeaya more ladies!!

more ladies? do we have any at all?

yea twist…lol

wow your gay… too bad your the #1 whore on this forum lol

there are male whores in the world too…lol
dont take it personal buddy i was just honkin wit u

haha I knew you were joking

back in the day my friends g/f used to call me & jerry “gutter sluts” ! LOL:D

lmfao i was actually going to say any ladies besides twist but i didnt want to be rude

too funny

I went on vacation last weekend to Daytona just to take out both truck’s and double team the tourists. 3 nights of no stop trainhorning, AND NOT TICKETS

Before scaredu wrote that I was about to nominate him lol. funny stuff… and good job all strobed up