Blow those horns a lot more often

Ok, you want to discuss compressors but I don’t see anything posted about Oasis which is in the original title.

Now there’s a compressor that will do the same job of at least 4 of the others. There’s even a model that has its own cooling features - XD4000. How many of the other brands can run 10 hours straight @ 200 psi without failing.

Sure, Oasis compressors are oil lubricated and require some maintenance but so does your vehicle.

You might say they draw too much current but in reality they draw the same amount of overall power as any other 12V compressor, they just do it in a shorter period of time. There will be a 24V version available around the middle of October that delivers the same performance as the 12V versions but draws half of the current.

If you think they cost too much - How much would spend on 2 to 4 (or more) of the other brands over, lets say, 2500 operating hours?

There are many Oasis compressors that have been running out there since 2002 with very few requiring any kind of repair.

You can even change a tire with a ½” impact wrench, fill a spare, and have enough left over for many blasts from your horns, not to mention you will be able to blast those horns a lot more often.

Yeah but cost is an issue… Viair compressors are great compressors and can last for many years as well as Oasis… And when you have dual viair compressors for around 300 dollars, compared to buying a oasis which is over a grand… Its kinda hard to just swap to an oasis…
Also for the price of an oasis I would just run an EDC.
Thats just my opinion…

ok wasn’t this posted exactly the same in another thread?


Your opinion is valid and thanks to Lance I recommend Viair to customers not seeking our performance levels.

I’ve had customers who went with Oasis because they would burn up Viair’s in 6 months. I’ve also had customers who’s Viair lasted over 2 years but changed to Oasis because thay were tired of waiting on the compressor.

So when you get tired of yours, drop me an e-mail.

Yes it was and I apologize for that because everyone gave me bad time about where it was posted.

I have no problem with people playing in traffic naked, if they’re female and very attractive (call me sexist if you like), otherwise please play on a very busy freeway…LOL. (please don’t take it personal, I’m just joking around)

Hey Dan thanks for the information and welcome to the forum hope to find you more active on the site! We all hope to have some of your years of knowledge spread amongst us all so we can be better educated in the compressor industry. Aside from that you know our site sponsor also carries those Nice Oasis Compressors as well so lets all play nice and make sure to grow as a group!

Thank you for the warm welcome. I joined this forum to give Oasis a fair representation and to help all of you with any questions you might have.

I have no intention of dissing anybody or any other compressor company and I apologize to anyone who may have taken my statements the wrong way. As I said in an earlier message, I recommend Lance & Viair to those who don’t want to pay our price but I also have to specify the differences, after all, time is money for many of you.