Blowing fuse..

Starting blowing the main fuse in the past week. Nothings changed on my truck. Any suggestions…( except it’s colder than Chuck here!)

run a 80 amp fuse

iwould check the ground out on it and make sure its good… i have 4 comps. and my one kept blowing so i checked the ground and it seemed tight but somewhere it was loose

double check everything!

Never double the fuse size to “fix” an electrical problem.
Find the problem and ALWAYS properly fuse the electrical load.

Electrical motors will draw a “little” more current when they’re cold but like the other guys said “check everything” else because the problem is usually not fuse size.

If they blow the fuse on a restart, then inspect the check valve. If it is not closing all the way, then you may have pressure pushing against the head/piston of the compressor. On restart, its a huge job to push the piston with pressure against it, which can and usually does blow the fuse. If this is not the problem, you may need a new flapper valve. the one on top of the piston goes out under extreme use and over time. Replacement is a simple process, and only takes about 10 minutes, even if you leave the compressor installed (pull the power first to be safe though).

thanks guys…

lance knows his stuff