BNSF, one man crews, not good, not good at all.

Hey everyone, I know we all come to this board to show off our rides and horns. This forum is filled with tons of great people and help is always given!!

I work as a conductor with Norfolk Southern, Us railroaders now need the help of the general public. I’m not sure if anyone on here really likes the railroad or just the horns, but what’s happening here could have serious consequences for everyone. BNSF is now allowing trains to run with only one guy at the control stand, most the time us railroaders aren’t rested too well cause let’s face it, being on call SUCKS. We are trying to get the word out that having these massive machines running through cities, Towns, farmlands, and your own backyard is NOT SAFE. As everyone knows we carry carloads of extremely hazardous materials, and at anytime something unexpected could happen, putting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands at risk. While this isn’t nation wide yet, BNSF has started the ball rolling for all the railroads. All I can ask if if you see any articles locally, try to spread the word of the dangers of one man crews! Remember last year in Canada a 1 man crew was operating the train that derailed, killing 47 innocent people. Below is a link outlining a little about what BNSF is doing.

Thanks for your time in reading this!!

I bet this is just another sad reflection of a continual pursuit for shareholder profits. Do less with more. Doesn’t make us feel any safer does it.

You should do a post on the Horn & Whistle board as well - they’ve got a lot more people over there that work in or around the industry.

DBO is right, the HW board has quite a few railroaders.