Boat horn

anyone know anything about ship horns or know of a place that i can find out some information on a horn i have. on one side it says tornado 50 and the other side you cant really read it says something then le havre. ill post a pic soon.

just dont tell them your affiliated with hornblasters…lmao

lmao…dont tell them what u wanna do with ur horn… if anything just say ur collecting them

haha yeah see thats the problem they already know about me there haha maybe they forgot :slight_smile:

Oh, and post a pic of it up. Maybe I can help.

this is the only picture i have of it right now.
ill get some more today.
my mom wants me to install it on her truck

GEEZ! That’s not a horn, it’s a BAZOOKA!!


…your mom wants it on her truck… that’s hilarious!

I’m not sure what that is. Post a pic of it on the “Ship, Boat, Fog, and Fire Horns” section on H&W Board and see if Adam knows. Looks bada$$ lol.

DANG Its Huge. I think it would be cool to see the Disney Cruse ship horns…

ps. How do you insert youtube links and have the image show up?

OMG yes that is going on my truck for sure!!! Idiots will get out of my way plus I know I will be able to get a laugh or 2 from victims

can i honk it?

definately a boat horn.actually heard and saw a ships horn from the very re-fueling ship we the us aircraft carrier USS saratoga CV60 had a at sea accident with USS missisinawa while re-fueling .that horn was mounted on a pallet lifted by a fork lift taken outside of bldg and honked.the horn unit was massive bet somehwere in the 500-1000lb range.both ships have since been de comissioned. the ship went dead in the water and smahed into the stbd side of the sara emergency break away called the fueling hoses were cut and jp5 flooded the hangar decks,the cat walks at flt deck lever were crushed what a mess this was back in the 70’s.:eek: