Bought my first horns

I don’t know the first thing about them but I am looking forward to learning as much from you guy as possible. The horns are K-5UL-AU-LS from Australia.

Gee are you guys talkative!

Greetings. Yes, unfortunately this forum isn’t as vibrant as what it once was. There seems to be few of the old regulars still around.

Anyway … nice horns. Enjoy. Rare to see them going from Australia back to the US. Must have cost a fortune in shipping.

Found a sound recording on youtube, interesting variant to the standard horns.

What notes does each bell produce?

Should be raised lettering … 1, 1L, 2, etc.


No-3 plays 440htz. The other end is a 5 bell that plays 565htz. One No-2 bell is a stock Nathan that plays 370htz. Then you have another 2 bell tuned to play 340htz and the No-1 bell is tuned to play 270htz.

This is all I know so far.