BRAND NEW- 1/4” Electric Solenoid Valve


1/4”; Electric Solenoid Valve…

I got this valve in the shocker kit when i bought it a while back and never used it since i allready had a valve on my truck from my previous setup… So clearing out my garage , or trying at least, hahaha!

$24 Shipped OBO. That includes delivery confirmation on shipping. I will email you USPS tracking # after i ship it. Paypal preferably …

If you need a reference of who i am so you feel warm and fuzzy inside, haha (tommy boy quote there) Here is my ebay ID… If it dosent sell here its going there next but i figure someone should need a quality valve to blast there horns!

LOL… w.t.f. is a slingshot monkey??? Is that a joke??? Craziest thing I’ve ever seen on ebay. Video with the woot woot lights top it all off. lol woot woot

no its actually a sweet thing. you ever see the slingshot monkeys in store? You pull arms back and there like rubberbands, and it flies and screams… Well they are like the 4 leaf clover on very tough to come by . im a addict! If you never head of the site , check it out. i have spent so much $ on there… Actually if i used all that money i spent on that site i could have bought at least 1 k5la if not 2… kinda depressing as i think about it , lol

omg, i’m crying after watching this vid… i was looking for a vid of the monkey in action for ya, and found it , and more… lol

oh yea, btw i just sold one of the auctions today for the monkey… ppl love em!

ah hahahaha that is crazy

OK $20 shipped is the lowest i will go in the US… let me know


attn, this thread has hit a speed BUMP

20 bucks…deal.
i’m going to work this morning but will contact u in evening

silvy, dumb question…how do you activate horns using this solenoid.also can i hook up to existing horn button on steering wheel? or is that not a good thing?

page 8:

u can use either an auxillary button as shown on my setup:

or just splice into your existing horn button but if you do that i suggest putting it on a switch.

that was too easy to answer…do you have a set of horns or are you just on this forum for fun? lol

i do have a set of horns that i picked up last year.not sure what kind, but i would like a set of train horns if the price was right.

sounds good… What is your zipcode… I will pm u my paypal address :slight_smile: