Brass V.s Plastic 4 Way

How’s it i searched and i hope this isnt a double post but i was wondering which should i use if im going to be running 165 to 200 psi the plastic 4-way splitter seen in the shocker XL kit or the all brass that’s included in the HB4 and is there a difference…thanks

I believe the plastic is a push-to-connect fitting. meaning you can take it off and on without any trouble. The brass is not a push-to-connect, its a compression fitting. IMO compression fittings fit better and are tighter, but for the 4 way splitter, it doesnt really matter, just personal preference.

ok thanks ima go with the compression fitting…I have used the plastics before at bout 120psi but I noticed alot of ppl use the all brass on their installs

i have all push to connect and i haven’t had any problems with it

Push to connects make life so easy, and there is no chance over tightening, or leaking.

yup I go for PTT. It’s what I have, and its sooo easy.

Push to connect are easier but with 200 we recommend running smaller lines. The classic kit features 5/16 lines all the way through and seems to work out better with the high pressure.

The plastic banjo (XL, 1/2in feed line) at 200 PSI caused some sound problems in certain environments.

If you really want push-to-connect fittings though, we stock all the ones necessary to work with the old brass manifold. This way you get the best of both worlds

so if i go shocker xl with the 1/2’’ lines dont go the 200psi route? thanks for the help