buck deer sittin on a tow ball

BUCK ,this one is for you buddy.on my way home from work today the guy in front of me had this plastic buck deer sitting straight up with the trailer ball shoved up his kiester the craziest part was as we both stated to slow down the deer started flayking it front legs,I noticed a cable coming out to the trailer hitch at first thought it was cable actuated but then realized it was hardwired to a motor inside the dear and when he hit the brakes the front legs would wave up and down. I busted out laughing and gave him a blast of the k3 as i passed him :D’s


BINGO! thats it! lol!:smiley:

haha redneck approved

LOL…I saw that before…LOL…thanks for the post. I considered it at one time, but figured someone would steal it eventially.

Here is what I am running now on my hitch: in 45 ACP - few examples