Bucket is IN the house.

Most in Florida know me, but what’s up I’m Bucket from Tampa… Hornblasters customer and supporter through and through.

I had the HB4H plastic set on my s10 but have taken it off to hide it on my fullsize sierra and will soon be back to more honking antics

love making trick or treaters, treaters, and animals scared. Have honk wars with trains and make kids piss their pants, I’m a honking fanatic.

Hornblasters is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion.

Haha welcome!
Yeah I always think its funny to see animals get scared!
Plus at halloween I always love to scare the kids… Plus with a K5LA you scare everything!

I laughed at the cat in the Hornblasters video - but to be honest, its sad IMO. Animals are innocent and are too-easy targets.

Now kids and the infirmed? Oh yeah…

Haha that cat!!! I loved that video…

But I also liked to scare deer whenever there creepin on the side of the road… they do a figure 8 before running back into the woods…lol

Ohh yea which reminds me of a funny scare store to add to my other post!

I dont like scaring dogs, I love dogs, but cats, I’ll open dump valve or blow the horns to watch them jump 10ft high and take off like a rocket

The funniest thing I have EVER scared was a Bull thats in a field at a 4 way stop, I was coming up to the stop, and someone that was in a turn lane at the 4 way stop proceeded to quickly dart in front of me, me nearly hitting them

Poor bull was right up against the fence about 8-10 feet from the center of the horn config

I’ve never seen such a big animal jump so high and run so fast, it was funny

HAHA ive scared bulls and horses and llamas and ducks as well… they were all on the same road i was drivin on…lol
when theres no people and only animals, u gotta do what u gotta do…
but the lady behind me wasnt very happy at all…