Budget Compressor setup help

I’m planning on using the PVC train horn kit many of you on here have from eBay. I’m now trying to find a budget air compressor and tank setup and am pretty lost. It’d be going in a Jeep cherokee.

I’m looking for a budget option like harbor freight but I’m really unsure on which compressor and tank size I’d need for this setup. Probably under 5gal but I’m lost on the compressor.

Any help would be appreciated.

Look at the compressor first. It needs to be a 75% duty rating or better (runs for 45 minutes, off for 15). You’ll probably want to go with Viair for the comp as they’re pretty damned good.

For the tank, a 5 gallon would be overkill unless you’re on it all the time. Make sure the burst rating is 300 psi, or just get one from HornBlasters. They’re good at giving forum members a discount.


What are your thoughts on a compressor like this? http://m.harborfreight.com/12volt-150-psi-compact-air-compressor-69285.html?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

Not sure if this meets the “continuous duty” but it’s worth a shot. I’m assuming that requirement is for durability purposes?

That will not be a constant duty compressor (probably <30%). Also, with that many 1 star ratings, I reckon you’ll be buying twice. Those kinds of compressors are only really OK if you need to fill the odd tyre. For horns you’re better off saving up a bit more and buy something that’s going to last. Have a look here if you want to check out some options at a glance (prices are a tad out of date now, but it’ll still give you some idea)

Thanks for the chart! I’m involved in a lot of “expensive” hobbies like 4x4, PCs, etc. so I’m familiar with the term “buy once, cry once”- just wasn’t sure of the extent it applied to this hobby.

It applies very heavily to this hobby… especially when you’re talking about onboard air systems capable of providing air for suspension, air tools, and the like (i.e. above/beyond just horns).