Bunch of Air System Parts for Sale

I purchased 2 complete horn system packages from Hornblasters along with some other separate parts. One kit was the Omega AH-500 Conductor Special which they no longer selll and the other kit was a Shocker XL which is on my vehicle now.

After completing a recent system upgrade I am left with a bunch of spare parts. I was just going to keep all this stuff and eventually install another system for one of my spare vehicles but now I have decided to sell the parts and use the money to add even more stuff to my current system soon.

All parts are in very good or brand new condition. The used parts were always mounted inside a truck bed with a hard cover so they were never exposed to the elements. I prefer to sell this stuff locally in middle Tennessee but I will ship anywhere if you pay actual shipping. We will also be traveling to KY, OH, PA, and GA soon so there is a chance that I could deliver if we drive through your state.

Here is the current list:

  • 1 gallon blue steel air tank with chrome compressor mounted on top. Braided stainless steel feed line, check valve, pressure gauge, and built-in pressure switch. Set to cutoff at 125 psi and cut back on at 90 psi but I will have to double check the switch to be sure. The tank is mounted on a short section of 2x12 which has several layers of rubber insulators for very quiet operation. The board can be installed or removed from a trunk or truck bed in 30 seconds with two attached bungee straps. You can remove the tank from the board for permanent mounting if desired. The most similar product currently available is here but I will sell this setup for only $100 in like-new condition.

  • 1 chrome 1/4" Omega air valve. Very fast response rate and good airflow. Used it to power my Omega AH-500 until I stepped up to the Shocker XL kit. Only $15 in great condition.

  • 2 Viair 110/150 psi pressure switches with built-in 40-amp relays. Brand new. $16 each.

  • 2 large 1-gallon baggies full of misc. bra.ss fittings, couplers, barbs, nylon air hose, gauges, adapters, quick-disconnects, tees, etc. I am not going to list all of this stuff but if you buy something above and you need some parts to complete your install then I will sell them very cheap to help you out.

I will have more items to post later when I get around to taking inventory up in the shop. Payment would be credit or debit via Google Checkout (you pay the 2% fee) or money order. I prefer to ship via USPS priority mail but whatever method you want is ok with me.