Bus monitor bullying..

If you havent heard about it, you most likely will soon. This is going viral QUICK!


Seriously feeling RAGED over this! These little ******* need to be taught a lesson! I applaud that woman for staying so calm. I certainly would not have and most likely would of slapped them all in the face at minimum…

those honking kids have no repsect. Poor woman, I would have never talked to anyone like that.

That was horrible mate, I hope that video shoots those kids in the foot by bringing that poor woman some justice, I sat watching that thinking, “What if that had been my Mum?”:mad:

They raised over 150,000 dollars for her just by donations! I couldnt even watch 5 minutes of the video.

Me either - I made it through about 3 minutes. That’s just horrible.

That was TERRIBLE! I hope those kids get punished!


With donations nearing $500,00, I don’t feel sad for her anymore.

WOW $670K now

haha yea its nuts!

Just heard on the news, all the students involved got a 1 year suspension!

correct… and…

Update on this…

Link to a local news site that explains what they got.

Aside from wanting someone to beat there arses, I think they got what was coming to them.

The community service they have to provide to senior citizens will certainly alter there minds to never do this again. You know every senior citizen they go to help will lecture them!

good put those douchebags 1 year behind

Children are a reflection of their parents. If I had done 1/100th of what these brats had, I would have my backside blistered and would be apologizing to that poor woman before the school ever thought of punishing me.

50 hours of community service is too easy … they would be spending summers and school vacations plus 2 Saturdays a month for the next 3 years providing services to the elderly.

Oh, and then take them out behind the wood shed for a good kick in the ****.