buying a new air setup for K3's

i have been running a Viair 280C with a 1.5 gallon tank to some cheap ebay horns for 2 years now. it is loud but does not sound very good. we installed a K5LA setup at work last week and after hearing it i had to make the switch!

i will most likely be running a K3HA. i need a new compressor and tank but dont have a ton of cash to drop. i know i need a minimum of 5 gallons to power the horn. i was looking at a 8.5 gallon tank to have a little extra. i dont care about very fast fill ups as i wont be using the horn non stop. i see everyone is running the 480C and most are happy with it. i am looking at a single 480c or maybe twin 444C compressors. i only need 150 PSI for the K3’s.

i need some info on the airlines required for these horns. i have tiny 1/4 lines and compression fittings on my current setup. they leak constantly and the tank will empty overnight. i would like to find the push lock style fittings for the 1/2" line. i am getting a SMC valve and running 1/2 DOT air line. where can i find the needed fittings to hook form the tank to the horn?

Look at getting the 8.5 gallon tank, the Air Zenith OB2, and the half inch line kit from HB.

All the fittings and PTC’s come with it, and the only thing you might need special from a local store will be the fitting to the manifold base.


Heck, how much room do you have? If you’re talking dual compressors - the 12 gal tank costs the same as the 8.5 gal. There are a couple people on here with that setup in a truckbed toolbox.

You just have to decide if you want to go by the 5 gallons per compressor rule for warranty. If you’re light duty, it might not be as important to you.

Personally, I would go with something at least 10 gallons… I’m wishing I went with a 10+ gal tank for my setup…

I was gonna say go 10 or more, but didn’t know if he had the room for it.


I have 2-5 gal. tanks and it leaves me wanting more…

i have 12 gallon tank and i want 40 gallon lol. more is better

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