Buying a Train Horn Tomorrow!! Need Help!

I guess I should get out of introductions since I will be buying tomorrow haha! I cant wait.

The guy I will have do the install is pretty creative but I want your guys thoughts just in case. I am installing on my 2012 335is, so there isn’t going to be a ton of room. Budget no more then $650 shipped.

A couple people have suggested me the

228V Train Horn Kit

I was wondering why I shouldn’t go up to the next step like:

Special 240 Train Horn Kit

-Any quick help would be very much appreciated! I will post pics an a vid when the install is done!
-Any difference if I buy the same kit off amazon? I see some have prime which means free 2 day shipping!
-Forgot to ask how are the compressor’s in these kits, are they loud enough where you have to turn your music up to drown out the baaaaaaaaaaaaa sounds.

Car I am working with

You should get the 240 kit, the compressor is much faster. The sound is not that loud, and with that fast 400C compressor and just 2 Gallons, the compressor won’t run for long. :slight_smile: You will have lots of fun with the 240 kit.

ahh that is one key thing I would like is a faster compressor so thats really good to know! Thanks!!

Are we sure this will be fitting somewhere on my car? haha these horn specs look biiiiiiig

I think they will fit, check out for some ideas.
Most people put them in the front bumper.

If I can fit them on a smart car, I’m sure your gonna fit them on your car.:D:D

LOL ok you got me haha I will get one tonight then!

Which kit should I go for? Do you recommend something else?

I was told these were great, not sure what the $100 difference is for though



Anything else I should go for?

Lol everything comes in the kit, literally everything!

The difference in the price is the compressor, my 240xl kit will refill the tank a hell of a lot quicker than a 228vx. So if you are going to be using the Horns a lot, then go for the 240kit, it’s completely worth it!
The 228vx kit is great for people who want stupid loud Horns occasionally, but if you intend driving around Pranking people, you need to think about either the 240xl kit or 540xl kit. All kits have the same sounding Shocker Horns & loudness:D:D

Perfect!! I am getting the 240 kit then! Hope it will kit on my car haha

Hope it fits hahah

^ lol

Only worry now is finding someone good to get this installed and installed well.

The Conductor’s Special 240 features the insanely loud, American-made, Shocker Horns. These horns are ridiculously loud and, more importantly, actually sound like a train! The horns are hand-tuned in the USA to the government mandated train signal chord. Simply put, they sound completely authentic.

Eh? Not to steer this topic off course, but “Hand-tuned to the government-mandated train signal chord”? What is that??!! A new one for me! The only government mandated sound for trains that I know of, was the Canadian board of transport ministers “General Order 753”, stipulating all train horns would sound a steam whistle-like D# minor triad. Any horn chord had to have D#,F#,A# in it, hence the old man (Who stipulated this general order since he was on the CBTM) sold many many M3H, J3, and K3 horns, and since some Canadian roads asked for a 5-chime that complied, the old man made the K5 and K5H.

Here, the FRA only regulates sound pressure of locie horns, not what chord they sound, unless something has changed that I don’t know about. Today here the most common horns are K5LA, K3LA and K3.

That being said, the chord of the B-uell Life Guard (HB “Shockers”) horns, to me is very, very pleasant. I have been after the late Roy B-uell to add a fifth trumpet and make it 5-chime…Either by adding one deep trumpet to octave the #3 bell and ditching the #4, which makes it 1st inversion 2nd position minor 6th, or instead add a small trumpet to octave the deepest trumpet, which would retain the minor 6th 2nd inversion, 3rd position, and simply add octave to the chord. And I would like to see these “Shockers” made from cast and spun brass like the Strombos line.

That’s paragraph 12, subsection 1.b of the Mandatory Federal Trainhorn Ownership Legislation of 1912, which also goes on to say “Though shalt not market thy budget horn package as a train horn without claiming thus to be hand-tuned or equivalently forged by hand made machinery in a shop of your choosing.” :rolleyes:

Dude wtf lol this has nothing to do with my question or suggestions or anything lol

Hosted this from a site from my phone hope it works lol. Ready to go! Found a installer I’ll have it on after vacation!

The dog is looking at you like … WHY? :slight_smile:

Lol no he’s just like come on legs go play. He has so much damn energy haha

Hey guys with the kit I got how’s the device/switch/button that you use to honk the horn does it work well or should I buy something else?

I don’t think they provide a momentary switch or button to honk the horn since it’s generally not required. Best bet is to just wire it to your default horn button (i.e. steering wheel). There should be a toggle switch (a two position switch; also referred to as an SPDT switch) included in the kit which you can then use to select your stock vehicle horn or the S4 madness.

Here’s a basic diagram of how the toggle switch is wired into to your stock horn:

Please note where I said at the beginning of my post “Eh? Not to steer this topic off course”…

As for installing your horn, these guys here will show you how its done, they are the best.

I am a historian of locomotive horns, so that is why I kinda blew my mind when I saw the “government horn sound mandate”…However DBO certainly set me straight!!! Hahahahaha!! Good luck with your shockers, they sound sweet.