CA compressed air carry permit

If CA does require a permit for carrying compressed air, then there’s another good reason for using an Oasis compressor. You can turn the compressor on just long enough to fill 5 gallons in less than a minute and blow your horns until the tank is empty.

Do any of you know if your state has a similar law?

wtf? a permit for compressed air??!! why??

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Your guess is as good as mine. I’m sure it has something to do with liability and possible ruptures that may cause a hose to whip around or something becomes a projectile.

thats lame… i wouldnt care n have a compressor without one

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Just another tax…and probably inspection…

sounds like thay
got to make a buck
sum how and thats
sad so sad i have
no laws in my state
that say you cant
have that stuff nore
need a permint hell
it dont seem no
suprize you just
got to have your papers you know

Thats Weird! I asked the DMV If I needed one of those and they said “Only Commercial Vehicle’s That Require Compressed Air To Stop.” I have a 3 Gallon Air system running 200 psi on my truck and Yes I live in California.

That means they only require it for commercial vehicles with air brakes. Thanks, that’s good to know!

Wow, havent heard this one!

I got an update from a customer. Pressures over 150 PSI require the permit.

Looks like its time for me to downgrade to 150 Psi From 200 PSI. Thanks for the info. Downgrading will also extend the life of my train horns and my truck horn.

It will also extend the life of your compressor. I think it only applies to commercial use, not private, but I’ve gotten some conflicting reports.

ok. thanks and keep us updated.

what compressor officer?.. lol

Just another reason why I’m glad I moved a few years ago.

Thank you, Moonbeam!


So kris your one of those Californians… Goona have to watch out for you.

By the way we run big rigs moving equipment from our auctions, this law will only apply to commercial Vehicles. That is from DOT

Don’t put that evil on me! LMAO!

Actually I was there because Uncle Sam moved me there. I’m originally from the midwest so I know how to drive in snow and when the sky isn’t all blue and pretty.


Dang, Cali is really strict on anything to do with vehicles! I’ll surely visit, but never reside there. Thats just crazy!

Cali is really strict on anything that could possibly be regulated.

Hell yes, they even regulate the regulations!

Thanks Moonbeam!