Cadillac Horn Scare.

I have a set of Horns out of a 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham installed on my truck. Yesterday, I was on my way back from the gas station when I spotted a friend of mine, I sounded my Cadillac horns which are wired up as my stock horns and he waved back. I get a phone call from him and he said that there were these two girls in front of him who Jumped and screamed! lol. He said ‘was that your train horn?’ I said “No, it was my regular horn lol”. He told me that he said to the girls that it was just my regular horn and not my train horn.

Here is a little sample of what an old school Cadillac Horn sounds like, Please note, there are a total of 4 Electric 12 volt horns all together D, F, A, C. They produce this.

I’ve only seen one set on ebay and they were $86. Are there any places to order these from? I really don’t want to dig around junk yards.

Will I need a relay with these? My 2010 Saab has two horns right now. I was thinking of running two off of each factory wire.

You would also need to wire up a relay. 2 horns per one relay works fine. Thats how I have it wired up.

$86.00! Holy Smokes the price went way up! :open_mouth: U can find a set here:,carcode,1027213,parttype,1060

They are Brand New Replacement type horns, but there is No C Note. If U want I can go up to the Junk yard this Friday and see if I can find a set and clean them up and ship them to you. Of course I will test them out first and make sure all four horns are working.

I would take 2 sets if you can find them, and am more than happy to pay you for your time. Just let me know how much per set with shipping if you can find them. I’m located in Michigan.

how much would u charge for the set?

We can work out a price I just need to swing buy the Junk Yard and See how much they will charge me per horn, Its usually $5.00 Per Horn but it night went up.

ok sweet let me know, ill pay for the shipping and a little extra ofcourse!

alright I went to the Junk yard today, I couldn’t find any 4 note horns on any of the Buicks Or Cadillacs. I might try The other Junk yard but its too far away.