can a electric solenoid be used under 32 degrees

So I noticed on my solenoid a long time ago there is a warning on it saying it should not be used under 32 degrees. This is a big problem for me since I live in minnesota where we have not seen a day above freezing in a month and will not till march.

I have tryed to not blow my horn when it under 0 (witch is quite often) and it seams to work fine under 32.

is there a reazon that it should not be blown I guess the logical reazion is that water freazes under 32 but any water in the tank should aready be frozen before I blow it.

I have plans to upgrade to a manual valve but I dont have the money yet.

The only feasable reason I can think of is the possibility of condensation freezing in the valve and when you go to blast the horn the valve does not open thus burning out the coil in the valve. :eek:

I was worried about the same thing but here in St Louis for the past few weeks it has been below 32 and close to 0. I have tested my horns each day as I drive to work and so far I haven’t had any problems with any part of the system.

One of the main problems is the diaphragm is very fragile in the valve… if it develops a little hole and the back pressure is let out, the valve opens and emptys tank … (had this happen to me twice when i first installed horn)

When the temp drops below freezing i keep compressor off, and have a shutoff valve on horn feed line. I turn it off so in case the valve does screw up it wont drain the tank

Our solenoid is rated to -15f, so I think you should be able to find something similar in your area.

Mine has been having problems Sticking open. Im in SE missouri, and its about 30 degrees here today!


Which one is that? I’m upgrading in the summer and since I’m in Idaho…


I recommend solenoids from Ametek / Prestolite or Trombetta. They are 200 amp constant current solenoids.

Yo Dan!
Pretty sure they’re talking about solenoid Air Valves…not pure solenoid electrical contacts.

Oh well, my mistake and thanks for making that clear. I guess I shouldn’t rely on just the thread title.

I think it is probably more concerning the change of moisture in the valve itself, under freezing conditions. I’ve operated mine flawlessly here in NC down to about 20 degrees…no hiccups at all. :slight_smile: