can i fix a K3LA 540 in my car?

hey all just new here, i was wondering if i can fit a K3LA 540 into my astra?

heres a pic of my car

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Possibly, buyrealtrainhorns has custom brackets so you dont need a manifold.


I say you custom paint the K3 and mount it on top! Black outside with silver inside would look sweet! :smiley:

If not, yeah you will need to either make or buy some brackets like Bryan said so you can mount each trumpet separately.

thanks guy, its much appreciated.

what other sets of horns are smaller but still realy loud?

A lot of people with cars use this setup:

Conductor’s Special Model 540 Train Horn Kit

There are vids around here if you’d like to hear them in action. From what I understand they are VERY loud and a great bang-for-your-buck.

yep i love my conductors special i got both installed and love em, not as much as my k5’s of course haha

Hi Mate,
i’m happy i’m not the only crazy on here willing to install a K3 on a car.
I still have to decide if to buy separate brackets or install it in the spare tire area… in that case i should get rid of my spare tire and i’m sure i’m gonna need it just when it’s gone.
I even bought the K3HA which has a higher manifold :frowning:

Unfortunately latest euro cars have no room in the engine bay, but you can always opt for the boot :stuck_out_tongue:

is it ok for the horns to face down the way, or would that muffle the sound of them?

Facing down might be louder and it will echo around you, that is perfectly fine.

is the compressor loud when its buildin up the pressure again, because it woiuld be fitted in the boot?

Not exactly loud but… you will hear it!
Just watch some youtube videos of guys honking and you’ll hear the compressor charging the tank… the way you hear it in the video that’s how it is in real life.

mine is also in the boot and when i open the lid it makes a very bad sound (TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR), when i close the lid i can hear it in my car, not even a nice sound… but you can resist 5 minutes…

take a look at 1:12, u’ll get the idea!

thanks mate tat vid just made up my mind… i have to get 1 lol

a single compressor isnt “too” bad.

thanks for the help people, just need to find somewhere to mount them on the car now before i purchase :smiley:

look in the rear under the trunk area, by the rear bumper, or behind grill maybe.

I haven’t got yet if you’re still with the K3 idea or you’ve changed your mind for the shockers…

Put it where your spare tire goes.

i think id be beter to go for the shockers… is there any smaller horns that are still as loud?

i want the horn to be as loud as possible but the actual horn as small as possible too if you get me…

i dont realy wana do away with my spare tyre, ive had to use it before

If you go with the shockers you will have more chances to make an easy install.
For example you can install 2 horns under the fenders (wings), one in the engine bay and one on the rear bumper, even if it would mean too much tubing between horns and solenoid.
BTW shockers look smaller than K3 so it is the best for you, don’t get yourself in trouble as i did!!!