Can I Run Two Air Tanks?

if i have a 5 gallon 7 port tank, would it help any to add another 5 gallon tank? I think I have the room for it. I am just worried that there wont be any benefit. Its still only going to be 150 psi…



If you’re going to increase your storage capacity, you should also consider adding to your air compressing ability. (In other words… is/are your compressor(s) rated to handle the volume you wish to fill?

yeah but ull have 10 gallons of air then… But u would def! need more compressors…
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I think I have the Viair 120C it does good but not sure it will be sufficent?

uhh no… upgrade to dual 480c

What is a 120C?

I work for VIAIR, and there is no such compressor.

I’m running a pair of 5-Gal/7-Port tanks with a single ViAir 450c and it works fine :slight_smile:

The trick is keeping it cool and I do so with an enclosed box and cooling fans (suck/blow)

Without the box and fans, after a fill from 0-150 on just one tank, the head of the compressor gets hot enough to sizzle spit :eek:

However, within box with the fans running, I can fill both tanks and the head stays cool to the touch :cool:

It definitely takes longer to fill than if I had more than one compressor, but depending on your usage, a single will work just fine if installed in this manner :cool: