Can I set this up?

I would like to get this kit, and later on maybe upgrade to one of these two 1, 2 tanks. Aside from running the horn, i also wanna be able to plug a line into it to fill tires. I want to put a gauge in the cab to, so which tank would be best for having all those three things hooked up? could I do it with the one thats included?

edit- i remember a guy saying he had his compressor on a switch so he could turn it off if there was a leak somewhere so it wouldn’t constantly be on (i wanna do the same thing), how should i do that?

yes it sould be dont with the one included by adding a splitter in the tank output but that tank and compressor is probably not the best for filling tires… the compressor s the backbone of your airsystem i would send as much as you can afford to get the best compressor you can afford

I believe that was me who said that… All i did was put a switch in the truck that went on the hot lead to the pressure switch. If the switch is off, there is no current going to pressure switch to alert compressor to go on, and once switch is reactivated all is well.

If you are buying this with filling tires in mind, go for a 5 gallon tank and a better 100% duty cycle compressor. I have the 380c and it does good to fill the 3 gal tank i have , but when i fill tires it struggles to keep up and i have to stop and wait for it. Spend more now , so you wont have to spend a lot more later to buy what you should have in first place…

silvy- where do you have your tank and compressor mounted?

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A 5 gallon tank should be safice to fill up all 4 tires. I agree with the others, up grade to a slightly larger compressor to help keep up.

I have my horns and compressor wired up to a switch to turn the compressor off when not in use.


If you cant run a toogle switch just run the relay trigger wire to the remote turn on on your radio, if you have one. All aftermarket ones do. If you have a problem just turn the radio off. Make sure its the relay trigger wire and not the load wire for the compressor.

Tank and compressor are mounted in the bed…

there are more pics in my gallery if you go into profile…