Can I ?

Can I run my ExtremeAire High Output compressor to power my Nathan AirChimes…WITHOUT a tank? Just straight through to the horns?

I don’t think so… I’ve never heard of that before. It would just constantly honk as the compressor fed air into it wouldn’t it?

No im pretty sure you cant, the compressor wont build up enough pressure. It may make a small sound but It wouldnt be very loud.

the horns take a massive amount of CFM that the that small compressor will not be able to keep up with them. Air tanks are used to store that additional air that will be needed.


Most of the air horns I’ve seen consume a lot of air and would require a tank regardless of the 12V air compressor you have or get.

WHAT!?! you mean an OASIS compressor cant handle that simple job!?!?!


It can handle it better than the others and there may be a day when we have a model that can run them directly. We’re always looking for ways to produce more CFM.

… more power as the tool man would say. lol :smiley:

p3s are sexy horns… they make me horny! :slight_smile:

Nice, if you want to get ride of them let me know, that would be my second set.