can't wait!

i just bought “farmerehsan” S4 horns and i can’t wait to get them lol so now i will have 8 horns baby at 200 psi. 4 in the front and the other 4 i will put them in the back of the car!!

That’s going to be honkin loud!

oh yeah for sure

Honkity honk honk!

let me ask something the 5/16 air line its the same 1/4??? maybe its a stupid question but honk that lol

haha nice man!

upgrade your tubing too :wink:

I’m running 1/2" ID line/selenoid to my shockers, split to 3/8" ID for each 2. At 200 psi, they’re loud:D While you waiting for your second set, do the upgrade. Just about everything you need can be found at lowes besides selenoids…lol

Horn if ur Honkey!