cant wait

just wanted to say i FINALLY ordered my k3la and now have to wait till it shows up !

Pray to the UPS gods!! lol

nice bro kinda like
the same with me just wating for
my air gauge to
show up from hornblaters and the
air kit from curtisL
lol:D hope its works
out for a.

waiting sucks!

you’re going to have soooo much fun!

i know how you
fell man but look
on the brite side
like honduhh sead
at lest youll have
lots of fun wean you
get it :smiley: lol i think
well werth the wait.

compressor should be there tomorrow, tank on fri man, let me know how it works out!!

cool man i got the
gauge and stickers
from Hornblasters yesterday ill keep an eye out for the compresser
tomarow at work and do the same on friday for the tank thanks agan bro
owe ya one.

buy the way i did
spell your name rite
? lol.:smiley: and by the
way i whas gona
install the air gauge
yeserday but bummer fresh out
of small curimp conniters :mad: mmmm. well its all
good i be making a
trip to wally world
(wallmart)lol. to
pic up a new pack
and sum oil and filter so its cool wean thay come i can do my install
hook up and oil change all in one.

Ha Ha you are gonna have some fun with that. When you test it, let us know how the ringing in your ears sounds. LOL

Well you ordered it on Monday - any chance of getting it today?
I don’t know if it’s worse having a tracking # or NOT having a tracking #…lol

got my k3la yesterday!!! ran it on 3/8 air line in the garage and it was great !perfect pitch and dam loud!!!

Sweet! What kind of vehicle?

its going on my 04 1500 silverado z71