Car Service Guys Discover the K3

Had the car booked in for a scheduled service last week. As always I turn the master switch to OFF before handing the car to anyone, and generally they don’t pick up on the fact that there’s a monster set of air horns lurking under the front bumper (they’re very well hidden). The only thing that’s a dead giveaway is the GW Manual Valve next to the seat. Blackview camera was recording to capture the fun :slight_smile:

First to be tempted by the ‘strange’ handle was the car wash guys. Luckily they only yanked the first stage of the valve and that line is regulated down to around 100psi. The main button (which enabled the steering wheel to trigger the horns via the solenoid) was only picked up later by the mechanic. They let it rip with a full 200psi burst inside the workshop - much swearing and looking under the hood ensued :smiley:

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Good one! Some of the cussing and swearing is audible…LOL

ROFL! Love it! Took my car in for an oil change and the same thing happened. lol!

The car has been with them multiple times over the years. Normally the horns either go unnoticed or just get ignored. I think in the 5+ years this dealership has serviced the car only a couple of times someone had pulled the handle. This time however the guy washing the car jumped in and immediately said “Aaaah… I remember you” :slight_smile: … I’m just surprised I haven’t got a note inside asking “where can we buy one of these?”

That’s priceless!!