Castle Coombe

Hey guys, just thought i’d liven up the UK section :slight_smile:

Did a classic sportscar day at Castle Coombe a few weeks ago, and signed up for the parade lap around the circuit. Some awesome cars, RS focus’s, TVR’s etc… and us guys with the MG ZT V8’s.

Did some honking around the first lap, and on the second every one was ‘pulling the chain’ so did it again :smiley: haha really pissed off a chap with an RS focus lettin off his dump valve and stuff, and lill’ ol’ me honking away :smiley:

Pulling back into the pits a marshal stopped me

“Are you the one with the horns?” in a real authoritive voice

me- “mmm maybe?”

him - “As you go past the mashalls there, let 'em rip!”

He signaled a thumbs up and everyone put hands to their ears lol! Talk about satisfyingly good fun! :cool:

Must must get a video camera and do some scaring. Problem is, the cars damn loud anyway!


lol, i’ve not been to coombe for a couple of years, might need to try that myself once i get some proper horns!

For sure! - Thing is if i was racing my cars too loud at the 4,500 rev limit lol! So made the most of the noise as i could when going around on the parade lap :smiley:

Went to Belgium couple weeks ago, and the tunnels at dover was just too much to resist! - The shockers sounded fookin awesome!

Hey I Did Silverstone a while back (old post), honked pretty much as I could.

This was a world record attempt thingey. I’m the 6th car from the front on the outside line of cars. I just noticed that at about 56secs the guy filming can be heard mimicking the horn and sayinmg Hornblasters! lol lol

First honk is about 34secs in and then dont bother watching after 45secs unless your really bored lol lol

I’ve been to castle coombe quite alot and will be there this year a few time, mainly jap car related.:smiley: