caylee anderson found!

oh boy can’t wait to see what casey anderson has to say now! found near to her house today by workmen. Sad but, now she can get the death penalty!:smiley:

Was it her for sure. The last report I read it said they wasnt sure yet.

Last reports said that a child’s skeletonized remains had been found. DNA won’t decide the truth for a few days at least. Size and description of the deceased seem to be correct however for her size & age.

I have no doubt that they’ve finally found this little girl.
I feel for the grandparents most of all.

whats going to interesting to see is the finger prints on the tape (duct tape) used to seal the bag closed.I just have this weird notion the grand mother may have those prints on that tape,she’s as much a wack job as casey.the grand father I think has known all along what went down.he’s a retired cop.another peterson (the cop) swerve? who knows. casey learned that pathological lying from one of the 2 parents, I’d say the mother (grandmother).

The mother deserves to be put away forever regardless. I never saw what should have been remorse or sadness at the loss of her daughter.