Change for My Tahoe

So since what happened during this winter I have decided to make some changes to my Tahoe. Lets just say Im making it much more off road capable. Also I will be losing the space in the front where my K3 sat full time and since there isn’t another place for it I may not have a horn on my Tahoe anymore…that is full time I will still have my roof mount for the occasion.

Just some teaser pics so I wont say much. More to come.

My “custom” bumper

And this could work haha

Nice ride.

The image of the custom bumper does not display.


Should sneak a set of Shockers under the front … seriously you can’t go from full-time K3 back to a stock horn.

Yah yah haha

Thing is I haven’t really decided what to do for the horns. I haven’t really looked through all my options yet. Like I still have the individual mount option to look at.

So the bumper is done but I am still not sure about horn placement… A skid plate is going where my K3HA used to be.

Looks good.

can anybody suggest how to view the photos in this thread?