Cheap compressor and tank

looking for a cheap 1-2 gal tank with a decent compressor for omegas

i got a tank and comp for sale but its viair, its the 20005. 150 p.s.i. and 2 gal tank, $120, i know your post is kinda old so you may no longer be looking but i figured i could try. lol.

i already had offered him mine, ur price is much better, he might take it

i hope so, i wanna get rid of it by wed if possible, i want to get that 12 gal and the 2 comps on wed, i cant really sell my stuff for less cuz i then wouldnt have the money, but if i dont sell it, i still wont have the money.

Would you ship to uk? can transfer money asap (depending on shipping costs)
No probs if its to much hassleā€¦

i have never shipped out of country before, im sure i wouldnt mind doing it, i dont know if there is any thing that makes it a pain in the donkey or not but i will try and find out, i need to know what part or something, i assume the post office will need to know some details to give me a price. im shipping my p.a. out on mon and im using that ship anything for one flat rate just by box size, i wonder if that is out of the u.s. as well.