Cheap Leslie RS5TRF on E-Bay!

I just spotted this leslie on e-bay. His reserve is $200. For anyone who is loooking for one thought I’d let you all know! Hell of a deal. If he had the “buy it now” I’d snake it. type in horn, then click on transportation, then railroadiania.

Yeah, he’s only a few miles from me. The reserve might be 200 but it for sure won’t sell for cheap. I asked him if i could buy it now and he said no, bid on it. It will sell for $800+ easily.

Edit: All you have to do is go to Ebay and search for Leslie horn. It’s down towards the bottom.

try hide one of those… lol. a kid i know has a older F-530 dually and he put an an RS5T on top and holy poop, it had to be the best sound i have ever heard…

How come it seems that ones who can care less about horns and those who know nothing about them always come across deals like this guy did? Thats a bummer he wouldnt sell it to you man. I am trying to talk a guy that I know out of a nathan K5LA he has had in his garage for about two years. One of the bells is broke, but an easy fix. Hope it works out.

Yeah it’s pretty annoying lol. I know 2 different people who got their horns for free and just have them collecting dust on a shelf. Neither will sell them.