Check out these GM cars!

i want ten of these cars…

lawl… that’s gay, all theme cars are. Isn’t that copyright infringement on everyone of those cars also?

im thinkin it is… lol stupid cars…

but i dont think its infringment if there not makin any money on it…

make them selves look more like donkeys

yes it is copyright infringement ,there was a bunch of those cars down here in s.tampa and the reps from those companies had a cease and disist on them

da whistles go woooooooooooo haha. where are the whistle tips

hahaah stupids here in hialeah i see this all the time they think they are cool lol

I still don’t understand why black rappers and comics insist on using the “N” word. They may think it’s fun to use because they can get away with it but it’s such a derogatory term.
Maybe it fits those cars they drive…lol.

i look at it this way…to each there own but these cars cross the line,deff when they use old classics and destroy them by jacking them up and honking up the suspension…well nothing we can do anyways

yeah, the cars would be worth a lot more restored.

I never really got the whole brand theming