Check out what I picked up today!

It’s a 50s ish GMC 3 ton.

It has a new hood cab doors almost everything in terms of new bodyparts. The only thing is the brakes don’t work, the door is bent (but like I said I have new ones) and it runs like poop.

It has an I6, I’m not sure what size…Pretty small though, 5 spd, flat deck, PTO, mounts for a HI-AB. (excuse my spelling if that’s wrong)

I’m not sure what to do with it… I’m thinking do the body first (keeping it "Rat-Rod"ish, a little rusty and off color), then slam it…?? Maybe some stacks too, just for ***** and giggles…

Tell me what you think guys.

I went back out today and took more pictures. Man I’m excited to get started on this thing.

wow thats old and big! lol looks like this one

That thing is awesome. I’ve always wanted a truck just like that. Stacks would be awesome and so would some 22.5" Alcoas lol.

This is what got me thinking, but I’m going to do this cheaply. So it’ll be static not bagged like that one and I think since it’s bigger I’ll lower the front end more to give it an aggressive look. As for paint maybe I’ll just prime it and that’s all. The motor needs a carb rebuild, a tune up and a new battery. And the brakes don’t work at all so I think there is a rusted out line somewhere.

Thats awesome man! How’d you come across something like that? We got a pretty good hotrod and custom scene over here, i love cars that are slammed into the dirt!

I found it parked in a field a couple years back. Took me 45 mins and a new battery to get it running. So last weekend I asked how much he wanted for it, he said happy late birthday.

that photo looks familiar lol. great job man, do work son

I lie it! Keep us posted on your progress. Take lots of pictures.

Will do.:smiley:

Thats just not fair!!! :frowning: The only thing in fields over here is cows & sheep oh & the odd burnt out ford escort…

That is a sweet find ive always wanted to find an older chevy to bag and body but most the time just for a rollin chassis they want a arm and a leg good luck with it

UPDATE: Oh god this is going to be harder than I though to go as low as I want to. The way the front suspension is setup I’ll probably have to mount the front axle on top of the leafs… Which will be a total ***** and a half… So I’m rebuilding the carb and fixing the brakes then putting the project on hold. I need way more time to do this.

if not, scrap it and buy a set of k3! lol

sorry to bring up a dead thread but what happened to this truck?

I’ve been very very busy so I ended up selling most of the parts off of it.