Check this out...

The other day I was driving on the highway and this guy comes screaming past me at probly 150mph. Right as he passed me, he blew this horn that, I’ll be honest, scared the hell outta me lol! I snapped this picture with my phone. The horns were on the back (they look like the exhaust pipes but I saw exhaust coming from somewhere else) Any idea what kind of setup he has? I know the picture doesn’t show that much, but I just wanted to see if anybody knew.

That IS the exhaust. That’s an Ariel Atom… I want one bad! You probably heard the supercharger whining or that huge air intake.

yeah those things are honking sweet only a honda 4cyl but 0-60 in around 3 sec and will smoke a ferrari in no time and they are affordable at mid $30,000

that was probably his carb…haha

hmmmm…then what was smoking!!! Uh oh lol

That’s a badass little car. It’s gotta be a blast to drive.

Only a Honda 4 cylinder? It’s a supercharged 300 bhp Honda K20Z. And when I was looking into one, it was around $60,000 or so.

that price from maxim magazine they said the basic model was like 38K or so i could be wrong

and the honda 4 cyl thing i just mene it wazn’t no v8 :wink:

buy a yamaha r1 and smoke anything 0-120 :-d

this is still the best thing i’ve seen

That’s awesome lol

They are actually putting a v8 in the ariel atom this year. It will be over 500 hp.
And that Veyron is cool. If that guy could afford it he will definitely be able to afford the gas for it. I guess he is just too stupid to keep an eye on the fuel gauge lol. Those cars are like 1.6 million dollars and quadruple turbo’d with over 1000 hp.

those cars are sick… that is embarrassin he ran out of gas… just shows u what type of people have too much money…stupid people