Chevy truck parade!! #2

Heinrich Chevrolet, your premier Buffalo Chevrolet Dealership has again been approved to make a Guinness book of World Records attempt for the World’s Largest Parade of Chevy Trucks on September 24th, 2011. Last year’s event drew 231 trucks and over 500 people from all areas of the US to set a world record with the World Record Acedemy. This year we’re going even bigger and attempting to set the Guinness Record! As with last year, we will be giving away tons of prizes and awards, including over $1000 in truck accessories. Don’t wait up, register today!

Had a great time last year , and will be sure to be out there again!

Heres the thread about it last year…

I have equipped my truck with strobe lights for this year, to stand out a little more in the parade. I just installed them last weekend in all 4 corners… And i have my Nathan airchime K3LA (real train horn) hooked up with my standard 10 gallons of air, and i’m going to be adding in another 17gallon portable air tank that will be prefilled so i can get extra honk time. People watching the parade loved the horns last year! This year should be a blast!

Hope to see some fellow ny’ers out there! And anyone else who wants to make history! :smiley:

Should be fun! I remember you gave your Viair quite the workout last year.

Oh yea!

I put that 100% duty rating to the test!

I will have a 17 gallon portable tank hooked up to it also this year to have a total of 27 gallons or air on hand for the k3’s needs!

I wonder how long it will take the viar 380c to fill up 27 gallons to 150psi :wink: hahaha!

I’m glad i have a cutoff switch on the compressor so i can shut it off after 8-10 min. at most so i dont burn her up!

Maybe hornblasters can loan me a compressor since i am advertising for them :wink:

Did anyone react to the strobe lights last year because I’ve heard they can cause seizures.

I didnt have strobes on mine last year but other trucks did… I only installed them for shows / parade. etc… i would not use them for standard driving.
Only time i might use them is in blizzard conditions where i need to be noticed so no ones runs into me…
Would come in real handy if broke down to.

Police / fire / emt / volunteer fire all have them on there vehicles… So i dont think they would use them if they are that known to cause medical issues.

As soon as i saw this video, i had to get them for my truck

I will get a video up soon of them on my truck.

Cool thing is the kit comes with a wireless remote to cycle thru the different modes. i believe there 13-18 in total…
I just have to come up with a way to extend the range. Right now theres a small 12" wire coming off the “brain” . So im planning on putting on a big length to travel up to the windshield to extend it more than a foot away from the truck.

Very good kit tho and extremely easy to wire!

Amazon had the best price for it… actually i got mine for $113, so it went up $2, but great kit overall.

they arent blinding bright like som of the 120watt kits, but still @ 75 watt they pack a punch

why u gotta post that lol guess i know wat im buying haha

They are pretty awesome dude.

Hopefully i can get my truck cleaned up this weekend… and take some pics / video

Yea i would love a vid b4 i pull the trigger on them lol

Silvy what is the brand of the strobes you bought? Would like to find a kit for my truck

I’ll try and get a video tonight of them if i get a chance…

You might want to attach a 12V fan to the heatsink of the compressor, that’ll help a lot. Even a quiet computer fan is better than no fan. . and maybe leave the toolbox open if it’s in a toolbox. I can’t wait to see the video you make this year.
Is scaredu aware of the parade? I’ll pm him because I thought I read that he has a Chevy…

He got rid of his avalanche…

Here’s my current setup. This does not show my 17 gal tank hooked up tho…

Its got the whole pickup bed of fresh air… Plus my usual way to use the compressor is after 10 min or so of it running , i will turn it off via the switch i have in the cab . This allows it to cool enough to run more… Been doing this since day 1 and I am extremely impressed with the durability of this 380c.

Tomorrows the parade! Forcast calls for rain tho , so not to thrilled about that.

Hopefully the clouds will be nice.

Anyone plan on going ?

With enough cooling I think it could run non-stop without damage(throughout the parade). Lots of air flow on the motor and on the head so heat would be out of the equation. I think duty cycle percentages are all about the ability for the pump to get rid of the heat it generates. Solve that problem and your set. Have fun tomorrow!

Hope the weather holds for ya!

I’ll be leaving in the morning about 10am with a fully charged 27 gallons of air to 145-150 psi.
Tank sits at about 115psi currently , since i had some fun today on way home practicing with the GW valve. So in the morning i will hook up the tanks to my 6 gal pancake compressor in garage to fill majority of the way to 135psi, and then my viair will take it all the way to full…

wish I could have gone! oh well. I guess I will stick with the Local Cruise night around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a good time… I dont know the exact # of trucks yet, but i dont think we broke the record…
Although i did get lots of horn time :smiley:
I had my dash cam going and my mom was in passenger seat holding another hd cam, but as im reviewing it, she dosent know how to work a camera and was moving it everywhere, lol… I did manage to get this one lady real bad, and should have appoligized after… lol

When we got to the dealership there were others there with air horns , but i heard no train horns. At this point i was down to about 120 psi of of 27 gal tanks…

They ended up creating a contest of loudest horn :smiley:

At the end of the song, we were told to blow our horns if we think we had a loud one… I promptly warned everyone standing in front of my truck and they had no idea what they were in for… Most of the younger guys (18-22) stood there as if it wont affect them.

I gave 3 long blasts, about 5 sec. a piece. Everyone just lit up cheering calling me the winner! Had people running over wanting to know about the horns and where i got them from… Lots of people saw my decals of hornblasters…

I ended up winning $20 worth of gift cards to a local super market!

Unfortunately i have no video of the horn “contest” since it was spur of the moment and they said to light them up… But i would imagine video will surface from there… hopefully someone got it.

Thumbs up to hornblasters shockers , and the K3LA!

Well that’s an alright deal! Winning something for your horns…who woulda though? lol

Well i’m finally getting a chance to upload some stuff from that day. I didnt take many pics tho, because my camera batteries took a poop the day before. (I took them off charge that night, and popped them in camera, camera did not work… Took them out and the batteries were so hot i could not hold them. Soon after they started leaking )

Anyway, i’m in the middle of uploading vids from my dash cam. heres one to tie ya over.

Turn up the volume, and you will hear screams… But my favorite part is pay attn to the hood when i honk… It vibrates the metal like a wave!