Chevy truck parade / meet / guiness record

Whats up all, (buffalo ny’ers or close surrounds)

Over on there is a topic of a parade of chevy trucks this weekend coming up on the 28th! Its gonna be a parade of chevy trucks , silverados / tahoes / trailblazers / s10’s / colorados… This is to be in the guiness book world records!

Heres the current topic Heres the site that all the info is on. Im registered to be there and hopefully will make it as long as i get my other train horn installed that weekend!

Sorry its kinda late for me mentioning it but maybe some can still attend and make history!

Parade went awesome, pictures start on page 6 and continue… Theres a NNBS chevy p/u , white with a K5LA on it… i believe his name was josh (forgive me if i got it wrong) But he said hes on this site… I failed to get your user name tho…

Anyway pics there and vids … Uploading a huge vid on youtube now of the parade… I honked so much i think i wore out my compressor :frowning: It was taking forever to fill up there towards the end and it seemed like the sound kept going up and down… but vid to come, check out all the pics on the gm-trucks site…

I wonder if it’s Jconey1412…? 2008 Silverado - 20 gallons…?

Yup, that was the truck! 20 gal of air , 08 silverado… Sweet. Thanx

Btw- he lit that crowd up at the end :smiley:

major props to him and his install! It only inspires me to get mine installed now! lol

Hmmmm , maybe he wants to help gimme a hand installing :confused:

:smiley: j/k

damn wish i knew sooner i would have went… would have been a 434mile drive and 7 and half hours lol but i woulda have showed up with my bagged avalanche and my k5la… so was the record set? if not they should do it again, in the summer time when its warmer and less chance of rain so more people can come out…

Plan on it next year! The person that came farthest away this year was from virginia.

Still trying to find a program that can split a .mov in half so i can upload to youtube… Its a 13 min long vig and over a gig

Try windows movie maker or sony vegas i can send you a cracked version if u want.

Probably not the best thing to advertise on the internet … lol

I will look into sony vegas… windows movie maker cant do .mov i dont think, thanx tho

ok then just tryin to help

Much appreciated… but you never know whos out there looking at wat your posting / offering…

i can give it a shot if u know a way of sending it to me…

Thanx for the offer but its over a gig in size so that would be a tuff file to send… Im gonna check out what officemax has to offer tomorrow…

if ur gonna spend money then buy avs4you

Thanx bro… That program worked great! I didnt care if i had to spend $ on it … i just wanted something that worked and did HQ!

EDIT- videos are still being processed by youtube so not sure if its up yet… be patient…

Heres part 1… pardon my language in the video… Wish i had video on the side windows to see all the people jumping ! You can tell by the laughs in the truck that a lot of people were scarred / and or askign for it…

Heres part 2… Lots more scares and more of the fastest parade ever!

videos are up! looks good man…

ya that program kicks oven… comes with sooo much stuff!

Yeah that’s a fast parade.
The videos look good - lots of horn time.