Club Area Pensacola, Got Pulled....

Well i let my buddy drive my truck, he did not care about a ticket. Rode in front of everybody and past the cop. The cop starting walking inside and he blasted the k5, about 5 cops chased us down and let us go. I laughed at a question he asked on accident and he threatened with a ticket. Got off this time! I also have audio recording of the conversation and will upload it later…


audio of police
Seville Pull Over.mp3 - 0.76MB

No freakin way dude!!! I live in Pensacola!

Now I know I’m not the loudest car in pensacola…:frowning:

Ever hear the shockers when your driving around?

Heres my car. I live by 98 and dogtrack. I honk around there all the time haha.

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u lucky!!! hahaha "don’t laugh at cops bro! lol

thats gay man, im in tampa and when i only had shockers, he still gave me 2 tickets for them

HOLY shit that was Loud as hell… :smiley:

yep, i could not hold my laugh when he said “id say quite a bit louder”

I figured the pcola cops would be diks. They always are when I speed…:mad:

Dont speed.

see now if you didnt have hids i bet he wouldnt have thought it was you. the recording was priceless haha!

I don’t anymore

Nah… My iphone speaker distorts it. Sounds awesome in person, tippmanphreak will hear it soon :slight_smile:

lmao - Hey look here, the cops here in nassau would write you tickets like you were about to go and see a movie with them…but then again you guys have laws against making noise like that, we dont. So u get a ticket here if the cop is frustrated at u for doing something like that. Otherwise, he may wanna get some for his ride.

Nice vid though. those things are ridiculously loud, but they sound great.

I gots lots of 4’s to keep you busy. But someone has to be selfish and go on vacation. :slight_smile:

i dont know…i just said it sounds different in person

I’m sayin dude!!! We gotta make some vids of us double scaring ppl. haha. I’m down.

I do believe the phrase is “Tag Teaming” lol :smiley:

HornDoc, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but people on here are sarcastic. It’s a laid back site. You seem a little uptight. People will still take you professionally if you laugh a little. :slight_smile:

Sincerely, Trippy

P.s. not trolling! Totally sincere

lmfaooo Have you altered your horn at all, Yes its a little louder, id say quite a bit louder. lmfaoooo i would have been crying if i was in the car with you. That thing sounds sick man.