co2 anyone use it?


not worth it to me…

yea too much hassle plus freezing the lines and solenoid too?

i’ve used it before only problem is mounting the tank so u dont get liquid through the lines

Another problem is you can run out of co2.

CO2 is an air source that you will never finish paying for.
Like any bottled gas used for a pneumatic application, there is no way to recoup the pressurized gas to make the system self regenerating.

This is why compressors are far more widely used for air suspension, air horns, and airing up tires than bottled gas such as CO2, Nitrogen, Helium, etc.

I wonder if helium would make a K5LA sound differently… It sure makes me sound differently… :wink:

My buddy ran helium to a shocker kit once… and that was some funny poop! it was more of a squack then a honk

next time you breath helium, sing one of the munchkin songs from the wizard of oz, you’ll sound just like them…lol.

nitrogen is best for racing tires because it doesn’t expand very much when it gets hot. it’s what nascar uses.

screw helium…sulfur hexafluoride ftw!

Duster gives you the same effect except you get the WAWA’s afterwards

How about Hydrogen… with lighters attached to the tips of your horns. :slight_smile: talk about flame throwers lol

I soo don’t know what you’re talking about Rigo… some sort of drug or something?

me neither…lol cuz only thing I know what WAWA is, is my employer… lol i work for a company called WAWA, so wtf is the effect?

its terrible your hole head and brain lacks oxygen and you hear and feel “WA WA WA WA”

ahhh never head that, and dont want to try it… seems like u could probably die from that…lol

yea. doenst seem too bright to do that

i bet aaron’s done it a few times! lol

haha I guess we will find out in a bit when he gets on.

It is the same a whipits. but What ever, makes you laugh at everything and anything.