Coelescing Filter

Hello Everyone,

I just installed my K5 train Horn and mounted an coelescing filter in between the air tank and the air valve. I was wondering if the filter will restrict to much air going to the Horns?

The filter i’m using is the one listed on the AIRLIFT site. 1/2 port in & 1/2 out


It might, since normally these are put between the leader hose and the tank.


Sure about that?
I usually see them inline with all the crap coming out of a tank.
Usually part of an F/R/L assembly. (industrial applications)

lwalston: Does it have a CFM rating?

I cant find anything about the CFM. I will try to attach in the info on the one I have and maybe it will help to figure it out.

SMC Part #AFM40-N04-Z

Link to info on filter,%20Modular%20Style%20Air%20Filter,%20Epoxy%20Coated&id=1297&aa=123024786#config

Tech sheet: Starting on page 29 of catalog…(page 8 on PDF)

It flows 1100LPM = 39CFM - probably a little low.
Note the max pressure of 1.0MPa = 145psi - too low even if you’re running 150.

MPa to psi calculator:

So I replied with a couple links, but it has to be approved by a moderator.
Anyways, basically this filter is not quite suitable for a K5.
Hopefully they’ll approve the post soon…

I’ve seen the filter sit between the compressor and the tank, and I’m guessing it’s because they don’t have a way to drain the tank(s) like we do.

I’d hate to see a semi-truck or rubber tire loader try to stop with limited air in the tanks.